122º West Winery: Your Destination for Adventure

Longitude 122º West is the home of Napa and Sonoma Counties – the finest wine producing region in the world.   The soil and climate, driven by its proximity to cool ocean water, is ideal for growing a wide variety of grapes.

 Originally settled in the mid 1800’s by European immigrants drawn to the regions familiar terroir, 122º West Winery is a celebration of the pioneering spirit of those first growers and wine makers. 

 We embrace the spirit of adventure in wine making by utilizing techniques not known to this region to create our amazing wines. Our wine making takes every step possible to maintain all the fruit characters our wines began with in the vineyard. 

 We select grapes from only the finest vineyards within Longitude 122º West.  “X” marks the vine on each of our labels and you can find out more about each vineyard by researching the exact latitude and longitude given on the back label. 

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